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What is Connecting StartUps Bangladesh?

Connecting StartUps Bangladesh is the first initiative for the StartUps for Bangladesh, developed in the PPP model. This is the very first initiative which has been supported by the Government for the growth and the establishment of the promising StartUps of the country.

Who can participate here?

Any one with an:

  • Idea
  • Product/Service which is less than 2 years old, can participate here

Any individual with an idea can form a team and participate here.
Any existing company with a product/service (Less than 2 years old) can participate here.

What will the winners achieve?

Winners will receive:

  • Free office space
  • Seed fund
  • Access to funding
  • Legal and Mentorship support
  • Tech and Business coaching

Who are organizing this initiative?

  • Connecting StartUps Bangladesh is organized by ICT Division, Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services and Bangladesh Hi Tech Park Authority

What are the benchmarks?

The winning StartUps should have:

How do I participate here?

What is the selection process?

  • A panel consisting of prominent people from the relevant fields will be formed and they will scrutinize the StartUps. There will be:
  • A bootcamp
  • 2 demo sessions
  • Grooming sessions as well
  • This is a complete process for a month.

Can non-IT StartUps participate here?

  • Yes but the StartUps have to use some form of ICT tool at any point of their processes

Can StartUps will hardware solutions participate here?

  • Yes

10. How can a team be formed?

  • The team should consist at least one person from Technical background and the other from Business background. There is no limitation in the maximum number of team members.

Will I receive a Seed Fund? What is the amount?

  • Yes. The amount will be announced soon.

How is my idea protected through this initiative?

  • The government and BASIS has directly been working for Copyrights and IP Protection acts. In this ground, your ideas are protected as it is one of our key criteria as legal support for the StartUps.

How many StartUps will be awarded here?

  • 10 StartUps will be awarded in Connecting StartUps Bangladesh.

14. Is there any quota for priority?

  • These is no quota in Connection StartUps Bangladesh.

Is there any VC involved?

  • Yes. Already Fenox Venture Capitalist is on board.

Is there any international accelerator program involved?

  • Yes. Kizki and GAP are partners in Connecting StartUps Bangladesh.

Where is the Janata Tower Software Technology Park?

  • Karwan Bazar, Dhaka.

What will the other promising StartUps get?

  • They will be accommodated in other initiatives by the ICT Division.

When is the application submission deadline?

  • 30th January.